Virtual Cloud Services

Purchasing, managing and maintaining IT infrastructure can be time-consuming and expensive. And having any part of that technology fail could be devastating. Lowenschild is a professional cloud solutions company that has partnered with a leading provider to deliver a new way of ensuring you have the IT infrastructure and support you need – all the time. We provide a better, faster, and more secure solution, enabling you to save time and money while increasing your efficiency.

Did you know that almost half of all small to medium sized businesses that manage their own network will have their network accessed by a hacker, and more than half of those won’t even know they were attacked?

With our Cloud Servers, you are free from managing hardware so you can focus on managing your business. We utilize the latest cloud technologies to create reliable, high-performance virtual server solutions giving you a secure, reliable, and controlled environment for your valuable data.

Ironclad Security

We put your data in a secure, reliable environment that is accessible at all times from any location with an Internet connection. With iron clad security, our cloud services change everything. Maybe that is why our cloud services passed the government’s requirement for security, and is used in over 30 government agencies.

Moving to the Cloud is Easy

Our partner team of technology professionals manages your move. After evaluating your needs and determining the right amount of storage, memory, and processing power, we back up your data, migrate it to our servers and manage and maintain the environment. You continue to have access to your data just as if it were in your office. But now you have the added assurance that it is well protected, monitored, and secure. Why deal with the challenges of power outages, dead hard drives, equipment failures, and equipment purchases and upgrades? Let our Cloud Servers deliver for your business.

Cloud Server Features

  • Instant scalability and agility: Increase or decrease your data capacity instantly.
  • High availability and performance: Geographically diverse datacenters ensure availability and ultimate performance.
  • Automatic server back-up.
  • Enhanced mobility: Data and applications can be accessed anywhere, anytime via the Internet.
  • Security and stability: Multi-layer, ironclad security features protect your data.
  • Managed environment with continuous monitoring: Our team manages and maintains your cloud environment with round-the-clock staffing and video monitoring.
  • Energy efficient: Research suggests that you could save $35 – $200 per server per year on your power bill by moving you data to a virtualized datacenter.

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