About Us

At Lowenschild we understand that an ideal situation for our clients is to never have failures. But since this is not possible in a technical world, it helps to know that the company you hired to meet your I.T. needs is fast and reliable, and cares about the efficiency of your operation.

Our team is comprised of experienced Network Engineers, Consultants, and Developers that can deliver. Because of our vast technological skill sets and resources, we have a solution for every I.T. need of today’s small, medium, and large businesses. From hardware and software to cloud solutions, we’ve got you covered. We offer affordable packages so you can concentrate on business without the interruption of having to pay an invoice every time we come to visit.

We’ll work with you to create a package that is affordable, and provide you with the services you need. All our packages include:

  • Desktop Support
  • System Administration
  • Installation of Printers and other Peripherals
  • Phone Systems
  • Networking
  • General Consultation

Contact us today to learn how Lowenschild can save you money by improving your workplace efficiency.

* The above packages are offered to encompass maintenance work for networks and PC hardware, though other work may be approved at these rates.
* Rates will vary for specialized work.
* Larger jobs will require a quote and a down payment prior to start of service.