Cloud Solutions

The great new savior in the I.T. world today is Cloud based computing. Cloud based services are versatile and useful to all sizes and types of businesses, and can save time and money by reducing I.T. costs associated with the purchase of hardware such as servers and other associated equipment like power redundancy and backup. But Cloud services have many other advantages. The ability to work from remote locations, moving your business without the headaches of hardware relocation, protection from backups lacking integrity, and of course security of your data, are all great reasons to explore our Cloud Services offering. Click on the Cloud Solutions tab to learn more.

Web Site Design

Is your current web site reflecting positively on your business? Is your site responsive to mobile devices? How long has it been since you refreshed your site? Making that first impression can be tricky. Let us use our knowledge of web design to bring your web site up to speed, so that your prospects will become your customers.

Computer and Network Services

When it comes to supporting your computers and servers, mobile devices, network resources, and peripherals, we can provide fast, affordable, worry free solutions that give you more time to worry about the important aspects of your business. Our quick response times and courteous service will keep your business working efficiently.

Resource Efficiency Analysis

Are you saving all you can on the personnel and computing side of your business? We’ve devised a system for evaluating lost time and productivity of your network and workstation resources. Increasing efficiency saves money!

Virus Cleaning and System Integrity

Just because you’ve seen and heard of the biggest or most advertised virus protection, doesn’t mean it’s the best for your business. Choosing the right virus protection application not only provides the best protection for your system, but can offer many other benefits specific to your mission. We can help you eliminate virus threats, reduce data loss, and reduce downtime that costs you money and productivity. Purchasing and implementing virus protection may seem simple, but it’s a very important part of protecting your equipment and data that you’ll want to get right the first time around.

Custom and Mobile Applications for Business

Many of today’s businesses make their services more accessible and convenient, as well as more appealing by offering a mobile application for their customers and clients. Did you know that in today’s technology environment there are ten times more searches and overall web access originating from the mobile environment over PC’s? We can help you design and implement a mobile application that meets your requirements for mobile use, while offering your clients convenience and access wherever they go.

Basic Computer Training

Through decades of I.T. experience, we’ve become familiar with every aspect of I.T. efficiency. One that is most often overlooked is the operational skills of employees. Though they likely know their jobs, many employees are unfamiliar with the proper use of operating systems, file trees, email applications, and Internet search tools. Through a better understanding of the tools available to them, employees become more efficient in their jobs and more versatile, reducing the cost of consulting and support services while enhancing confidence and job skills. We can provide group training sessions at very affordable rates.